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  1. Upgrade Walkera QR X350 To X350PRO

    by , 18-03-2014 at 09:11 AM
    The walkera qr x350 is well known to many friends in this field, it looks nice, stable, economy, but it didn't come with a camera, nor a gimbal, and range is a bit too short, flight time a bit short too.
    They just released the walkera qr x350pro, which has much more advantages over the old version x350, comes with ilook camera, brushless gimbal G-2D, with the new version devo 10 white one, the control range could be 2kg, and with the upgraded battery, the flight time could be as long ...
  2. GoPro Bargain

    by , 06-03-2014 at 09:49 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Magus View Post
    I been looking at gopro for a while but not 100% sold on the things, I dont know much about them so cant really comment only that everyone seems to use them.
    So far I been happy with my drift stealth which has a little screen to set up and view what your taking or have taken, also a very handy remote which works well upto about 20 feet.
    I see Maplin has a (dare I say gopro clone) at much less but dont know about pro's & con's so maybe someone here can shine a light and convert
  3. Phoenix v5 temporary fix, well sort of

    by , 21-02-2014 at 10:05 PM
    Phew! Thought it was just me! I find the helis are spongey and drift now and it's much easier using the nano cpx as a real life flight sim than this sim now...
  4. Align Trex 700 nitro AR7200BX tail drift

    by , 25-01-2014 at 10:24 AM
    Hello to all on RCHA.... First post.....

    looking for a bit of help/advice. I have a trex 700 nitro, it was the le version but now has a 3g fbl head.

    When hovering the tail drifts constantly to the right. If allowed it would eventually do a 360. I am also getting some tail wag.

    I am using the AR7200BX and a savox 1290 servo. I have the standard length tail blades and 710 F3C main blades. The AR7200BX sits on he standard tape (I have 2 other helis both fitted ...
  5. What I've been up to...

    by , 30-12-2013 at 08:07 PM (My Heli and other animals...)
    Quote Originally Posted by BenjaminKenobi View Post
    Hello everybody!

    Well, I sold all my helis, quit my day job and moved out of London. I moved to the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, and started an Aerial Filming company using UAVs (like everybody is at the moment), and now get paid to fly!

    Here's some clips from the last few months:

    It was thanks to this forum I had so much fun with my helis! It is so much easier flying multirotors compared to SRHs! Except
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